Database Management & Email Deliverability


Database Management & Email Deliverability

Databases are central to an organization’s success. ALRAS Digital can serve as a trusted partner to organize, manage, automate, and optimize your customer or supporter database to maximize staff and organization efficiency.

Our team has an extensive history of managing email databases and CRM platforms, including Salesforce, EveryAction, NationBuilder, MailChimp, and others, as well as integrating those platforms to connect with complementary systems. From building an API for systems to talk with one another to creating automated systems that simplify communications and reporting, we are ready to handle your database woes.

And best of all, we are experts at handling the pesky issue of email deliverability. Deliverability rates have been falling for years. Often when you most need to communicate with your supporters, you find it hardest to reach them (elections, end-of-year, major holidays, etc.). We employ tried and tested tactics alongside partner technologies to revive and improve the deliverability and email open rates of any email program, no matter how far they’ve fallen.

Services include:

  • Email Deliverability and Engagement Analysis
  • CRM Management and Automation
  • A/B Testing and Database Deployments
  • Email and Text List Acquisition and Analysis
  • Database Segmentation and Taxonomies

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